Redundancy Navigator

Navigate redundancies the right way

There's no easy way to approach redundancies—but our navigator helps you do it right

  • Get step-by-step guidance with an easy online tool
  • Turn to the experts with 24/7 employment law advice
  • Download reports to confirm correct process is followed
  • Gain a library of resources including letter templates

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Take the risk out of redundancy with our online tool

Making redundancies is hard and many business owners are faced with tough HR decisions.

And you have to get redundancy right. Because one small mistake could lead to an employment tribunal or a hefty legal penalty…

That’s why BrightHR are here—to help free you from worry and reduce your legal risk when making redundancies.

Our redundancy tool gives you everything you need to carry out a fair and watertight redundancy process—all in one place.

Redundancy Navigator

Smart software that simplifies redundancies

With our online tool, you get:

  • A redundancy planner with a step-by-step guide to the entire process
  • A library of downloadable resources including redundancy guides
  • On-demand webinars hosted by employment law experts
  • Regular reports and a checklist to avoid costly mistakes
  • Unlimited, cloud-based, secure storage for all your documentation
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Get the right person for the job every time by tracking, storing, organising, and managing your applicants from job openings to onboarding.

Get 24/7 expert redundancy advice

The free BrightHR iOS and Android app keeps you just one click away from a team of UK-based employment law advisers.

So, you can get:

  • Instant answers to your redundancy questions
  • Straightforward, jargon-free employment law updates
  • 24/7 access to legal support
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Q. How do I make sure my redundancy process is compliant with the law?

The law is always evolving so the risks of falling out of step are high.

Making sure your redundancy process follows legal requirements, however, doesn’t need to be complex. BrightHR’s Redundancy Navigator is an online tool that takes you through the redundancy process step-by-step to make sure you don’t miss anything. You also get access to our 24/7 secure advice line for expert redundancy advice whenever you need it.

Q. What documents do I need in a redundancy process?

Q. Where do I get advice on redundancy?

Q. How do I get a redundancy management tool?

Q. How much is the Redundancy Navigator?

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